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Myoband gets together with MMA star Danny Roberts for a high-protein hot chocolate

Myoband X Danny Roberts Protein Hot Chocolate

Myoband has started the year strong, with not one but two intriguing and innovative products, in the high-protein RESQ crystal clear sparkling cola, and another protein-packed carbonated drink in Red Berries Protein Juice. Both items are far from your typical protein RTD, with those cola and raspberry soda-type experiences; however, there is one other drop from the UK brand to start the year, and it is also something quite interesting.

Alongside RESQ and Red Berries Protein Juice, Myoband has launched Danny Roberts’ Protein Hot Chocolate, which is indeed a collaboration, put together in partnership with the English mixed martial artist himself, Danny Roberts. The supplement is exactly what you think from its name; a protein powder that makes a hot chocolate beverage but with a significantly better nutrition profile compared to traditional hot chocolate.

A serving of Myoband and Danny Roberts’ Protein Hot Chocolate comes with 11g of protein from quality grass-fed whey concentrate, just under 2g of fat, 9.3g of carbohydrates with 3.5g of sugar, and 99 calories. The carbohydrates are relatively high for a protein shake, although again, it’s better than your classic hot chocolate, and it’s available straight from the brand’s website at a reasonable £11.99 (14.66 USD) for a bag of 20 servings.