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Weight loss-focused SST family expands into multi-benefit coffee creamer

Performix Sst Energy Creamer

SST creator, Performix, has grown its family of supplements utilizing the SST name well beyond weight loss over the years, many of those products being hybrids, where you get two categories or purposes in one. Rolling into February, the brand has created another one of those, although this time it takes things even further than a hybrid, offering the benefits of more than two types of supplements all in one.

The latest out of Performix is SST Energy Creamer, a product that is built to moderately increase energy, enhance metabolism, and additionally work as a thickener for things like shakes, smoothies, and of course, a coffee creamer, hence the name. The brand has packed the supplement with a light 40mg of caffeine for that moderate energy, and Compound Solutions’ premium goMCT, goCocao, and goFat coconut oil.

SST Energy Creamer is really a functional product at heart, bringing together energy, metabolism, and mental focus into a French Vanilla-flavored powder that goes alongside another beverage for a creamier experience. With those ingredients in there, the Performix supplement does come with some nutrition in 4.5g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 45 calories, and it’s available directly at a reasonable $17.49.

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