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Caramel Latte returning to Primeval Labs under its cost-effective Whey protein powder

Primeval Labs Caraml Latte Whey

One of the more intriguing flavors Primeval Labs has had available over the years for its premium, whey isolate-based protein powder, Isolit, is the coffee-themed Caramel Latte. However, if you head to the brand’s website today, you’ll notice that it is not an option anymore, with Chocolate Milk, Diner Vanilla, and the cereal-themed Fruity Cereal the only options you have to choose from.

The good news is Caramel Latte is making a return to the Primeval Labs catalog, although it won’t be under Isolit. The brand has confirmed it is bringing back the past flavor extension for its simpler, more cost-effective protein powder Primeval Whey. We’re not too sure when exactly it’ll make its debut, but we don’t imagine Primeval taking leaving too much time between its preview and availability.