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Blizzard meets Millions candy in Sneak’s Millions Billions Bubblegum and Strawberry

Sneak Millions Billions Bubblegum And Strawberry

Millions was the first authentic collaboration from the UK gaming supplement company Sneak, where it teamed up with the iconic candy of the same name to create two flavors. The always interesting brand and Millions crafted authentic Millions Bubblegum and Millions Strawberry, both featuring special edition label designs to separate themselves from the product’s other options.

Another hit flavor Sneak has pumped out, although it’s not a collaboration, is the lemonade recipe Blizzard, which is a yearly limited edition launch, and has come to market four times so far. Later this week, the brand is doing what it does best, and that is showing off its creativity by releasing two completely new and incredibly interesting flavors that combine Millions and Blizzard.

Sneak has crafted Millions Billions Bubblegum and Millions Billions Strawberry, each of which merges that authentic Millions flavor with Blizzard, presumably resulting in some sort of lemonade candy taste. They have a similar alternative label design, and again, they’ll be arriving this week on the brand’s website, where tubs of its signature supplement typically cost £39.95 (42.11 USD).

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