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Standalone DIM capsules join and expand VNDL Project’s Essentials Series

Vndl Project Dim

A couple of months ago, we got the first straightforward, essential-style supplement from premium brand VNDL Project, which had previously only stuck to advanced categories like pre-workout, weight loss, and amino. The product the brand rolled out was Clean Creatine, featuring only strength-supporting creatine HCl at a dose of 1.5g in a two-capsule serving, and it does squeeze quite a few capsules into every bottle at 120.

VNDL Project is back again, expanding its Essential Series into an actual series with the addition of another single-ingredient supplement. Joining the basic Clean Creatine is the simply named DIM, and that is the only component in the product, DIM, dosed at 200mg in every two capsule serving to support estrogen balance. The price of the supplement through VNDL’s website is $39.99, and that gets you a bottle of 120 capsules.

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