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Creatine HCl gets its own supplement at the premium brand VNDL Project

Vndl Project Clean Creatine

VNDL Project is a premium sports nutrition brand that has reliably put together advanced and comprehensively formulated supplements from its original pre-workout through to its more recent multivitamin, Multi-V. VNDL has now dropped its most simple and straightforward product to date in standalone creatine HCl but in capsule format, not the usual powder.

VNDL Project has named its creatine supplement Clean Creatine, and again, it is a single-ingredient product featuring only creatine HCl to support muscle strength and size, at a dose of 750mg in each of its 120 capsules a bottle. With that many capsules per bottle, you’ve got room to take a more respectable 1.5g a day and still have the supplement last two months.

The price of Clean Creatine directly through VNDL Project’s online store at is $39.99, and that is a pretty good value compared to other creatine HCl supplements on the market. It can, of course, be combined with any other product in the brand’s premium lineup, as VNDL doesn’t use creatine in another supplement, including its original pre-workout Vandal.

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