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Luke Elsman partners with Apollon a second time for a cookie-filled flavor of Isoblast

Apollon Nutrition Collaboration Cookies Isoblast

Two-time Brand Of The Year, Apollon Nutrition, has announced its second ambassador collaboration with fitness influencer Luke Elsman, following on from last year’s well-rounded pre-workout Youngblood, which is a permanent product in the brand’s lineup. This time around, from Apollon and Elsman, we are not getting a completely new supplement like Youngblood but a flavor extension for one of the brand’s protein powders.

Apollon Nutrition and Luke Elsman have come together to create a classic Cookies and Cream flavor of the premium, lean, and fast-absorbing protein powder Isoblast, and to make it that extra bit special; it has been loaded with real cookie pieces. Isoblast is powered by high-quality whey isolate, providing 24g of protein a serving and minimal amounts of the other macros, and that will, of course, be the case in Cookies and Cream.

There is going to be a bit of exclusivity on Luke Elsman’s second collaboration with Apollon Nutrition in that you will only be able to purchase it directly from the brand’s online store starting this Friday. It’ll carry a cost of $54.95 for a full-size tub, like the many other flavors of Isoblast, although that direct-to-consumer exclusivity will come to an end two weeks later on the 14th of April, at which point it’ll distribute elsewhere.