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Applied says Logan Paul drinks Bodyfuel alongside the reveal of its second Paddy collab

Applied Nutrition Paddy Punch Bodyfuel

To start the year, Applied Nutrition teamed up with its premier ambassador Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett, for a special edition flavor put together in partnership with Paddy himself. That flavor was Baddy Berry for the brand’s signature stimulant pre-workout ABE. Applied Nutrition has announced a second collaboration with The Baddy involving a separate flavor that’s also for a different product in the brand’s extensive lineup.

Applied Nutrition and Paddy Pimblett have created a flavor called Paddy Punch for the young but already very successful hydration beverage Bodyfuel. The product features an alternative label design with a diagonal line separating black at the top and red down the bottom. Baddy Punch also has a nice little tweak where “Body” in the name “Bodyfuel” has been crossed out and replaced to create a fun renaming in Baddyfuel.

Continuing the creativity around the Paddy Pimblett collaboration, Applied Nutrition has been promoting it in a unique fashion. To play on the back and forth between The Baddy and influencer Logan Paul, the brand has been sharing images of Baddy Punch Bodyfuel alongside an illustration of Paddy saying, “Logan Paul drinks Bodyfuel every day.”

Logan Paul is one of the faces of the hydration powerhouse Prime, although Applied Nutrition’s pictures specifically say “Logan Paul from Haslingden Lancashire”, so a completely different guy in the UK that has the same name. It is indeed a fun addition to the announcement of of the flavor collaboration between Applied Nutrition and UFC star Paddy “The Paddy” Pimblett, which is rolling out to stores and stockists next month.