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Barebells makes an all-out chocolate flavor of its Soft Protein Bar with a pinch of salt

Barebells Salty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar

While the signature Barebells Protein Bar was the product that put the Swedish functional innovator Barebells on the map, its focus has shifted to a different bar format snack over this past year. The brand has been giving its absolutely delicious Soft Protein Bar a lot more attention when it comes to new flavors. Since its debut in December of 2021 in the Marshmallow Rocky Road flavor, four more tastes have joined the menu.

This week another extension to the Barebells Soft Protein Bar lineup has been announced, and like the others, it looks and sounds incredibly enjoyable. The latest creation from the Swedish company is a chocolate lover’s Salty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar, promising an all-out chocolate experience with a salty touch. It has all of the great tastes the product has become known for, plus, as per the name, a soft and smooth texture.

The fun thing about Barebells’ family of Soft Protein Bars is they change their build from flavor to flavor, including the size and structure of the various taste-filled layers and the little bits and pieces that make up the product’s consistency. The brand still gives the Salty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar a good amount of protein at 16g with no added sugar, and it’ll be making its way out to the many Barebells stores in Sweden shortly.