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Build Fast Formula returns with four of its supplements in stock and available

Build Fast Formula Is Back

Reputable brand Build Fast Formula, known for its pump-powering pre-workout Vasoblitz, made the difficult decision near the end of last year to close up shop. The brand provided a few reasons as to why it ended up in that unfortunate situation, including inflation and supply issues, and said once it sold through all of the stock available in its online store at, that would be the end of it.

Four months later and it turns out, the demand for Build Fast Formula and its well-put-together supplements has proven so strong, the brand has been brought back to life. Despite everything that happened last year, four of Build Fast Formula’s most popular products are back in stock on its website in the original pump pre-workout Vasoblitz; the stimulant pre-workouts Fullblitz and Blitz3d; and Eighty:20 protein powder.

It is certainly great to see Build Fast Formula resurrected and on the market once again, and fans are now able to head back to and purchase any of those four supplements mentioned. The formulas are the same as before, and the prices are $44.99 for Vasoblitz, $47.99 each for the more well-rounded Fullblitz and protein powder Eighty:20, and $29.99 for the high-energy and focus Blitz3d.