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First of Dedicated’s many upcoming products is the daily performance formula Alpha Triad

Dedicated Nutrition First Look At Alpha Triad

The first of Dedicated Nutrition’s five upcoming supplements has been previewed, and it is something completely new, which we thought would be the case with that amount of products due to drop. We’ve got the first look at the supplement in the image above with only a shot at the front, not the back, so we have some idea of what we might be getting on the inside but not the complete picture.

Alpha Triad is the first of the handful of products Dedicated Nutrition has coming down the pipeline, and it’s described as for “ultimate daily performance”. That has us thinking this is one of two things, some sort of premium daily multivitamin, something you’d use every day, or a daily muscle builder similar to the brand’s own Epic, combining things like creatine, beta-alanine, betaine, and PeakO2.

The one thing that has us leaning more on the side of a multivitamin and not a muscle-building and performance-powering supplement like Epic is that Alpha Triad is coming in tablet format and with a serving size of six tablets. It could still be something along the same lines as Epic, we’ll just have to wait and see to be sure, and we do look forward to the formula reveal regardless of how it turns out.