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Hydration trend makes its way to Germany in ESN’s sachet-packaged Electrolytes Pro

Esn Electrolytes Pro

Hydration has become a jam-packed sports nutrition category, with many brands entering the space, and it’s not just an area of interest for those in the North American market. Supplement companies from all around the globe are following suit and getting into the world of dedicated hydration products, the latest of which is Germany’s ESN with its single-serving sachet format Electrolytes Pro.

ESN’s Electrolytes Pro says it all in its name, as it does indeed keep the formula behind the supplement to the title and to a single point. The brand brings together a selection of electrolytes to support and improve hydration and performance, again, all squeezed into single-serving sachets. There is also a fair amount of maltodextrin in the product at about 16g a serving, although none of it is sugar.

The exact breakdown of electrolytes in Electrolytes Pro is 150mg of potassium, 58mg of calcium, 28mg of magnesium, and, lastly, a solid amount of sodium. You can grab the latest ESN sports nutrition innovation from its website, and where it doesn’t sell you short on flavors. There are three to choose from in Natural, Cherry Lollipop, and Green Apple, all coming with 15 sachets and costing €24.90.