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Glytch and gamer Stay Naughty create a flavor of Gaming Energy called Cracked Sauce

Glytch Stay Naughty Flavor Cracked Sauce

Glytch is still a new brand in the increasingly popular world of gaming supplements, although its selection of products is certainly more developed than a lot of its competition. Glytch has three supplements available; one is designed specifically to improve and support hydration and performance. The other two are energizing formulas with Gaming Energy and the more complex and advanced Pro Series Energy.

We’ve got Glytch in the headlines this week as it has revealed and released a fresh new flavor for more general product Gaming Energy, and interestingly, it is a collaboration of sorts. The flavor the brand has created is Cracked Sauce, inspired by Paris Gouzoulis, a well-known gamer that specializes in the first-person shooter Apex Legends and more commonly goes by his username or nickname in Stay Naughty.

Glytch does give a description of its Stay Naughty Cracked Sauce flavor of Gaming Energy, saying it’s a refreshing two-part recipe bringing together blueberry and pomegranate. You can grab the special edition flavor straight from the brand’s online store at $29.95 for a tub of 30 full servings, the same price as any other flavor of Gaming Energy.

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