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Citrusy Leprechaun Lime flavor hitting Stim Reaper right on St. Patrick’s Day

Killer Labz Leprechaun Lime Stim Reaper

Hardcore supplement company Killer Labz recently rebranded into a much more modern, although still intense look, which also brought with it a few changes to its highly effective family of products. This Friday, it is St. Patrick’s Day, and like some other brands in the sports nutrition sector, Killer Labz has cooked up a special edition flavor for the occasion, and it has gone all out for an eye-catching alternative label design.

Killer Labz has crafted a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Leprechaun Lime flavor of its potent, hard-hitting pre-workout Stim Reaper, featuring energizing ingredients like caffeine, alpha yohimbine, halostachine, and juglans regia. The citrusy lime flavor creation is going to become available right on St. Patrick’s Day, this Friday. It’ll hit the brand’s official online store at $40 a tub, and being for a special event, it is a limited edition launch.