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Kris Gethin says his views no longer align as he parts ways with Kaged

Kris Gethin Leaves Kaged

When Kaged Muscle came to market, it was introduced and almost completely represented by the one and only Kris Gethin, and following that debut, he remained the face of the brand for many years. In more recent times, we have definitely been seeing less and less of Kris Gethin; whether you’re talking about Kaged’s online store or its presence on social media, there hasn’t been nearly as much as in the beginning.

This week Kris Gethin has put out a massive announcement exclusively on his social media — not Kaged’s — as he has parted ways with the brand he’s helped build over almost a decade. The main reason he’s provided for the separation and why he’s chosen to leave is the misalignment of views. Simply put, Kris Gethin doesn’t feel the company behind Kaged and his business partners share the same view as him, so he’s moving on.

I am a man of my word; relationships mean everything to me, and I learned a long time ago that there are many ways to make money but only a few ways to be happy. I will only put my name to things that I truly believe in, nothing less. My happiness is connected to my authenticity and identity. The last I want to do is lose my authenticity to you, my customers and followers, or my identity to myself.

Being in the world of fitness, sports nutrition, and supplements for so long, we have to imagine Kris Gethin is separating himself from Kaged Muscle or what is now just Kaged, but not necessarily the industry. In his lengthy and meaningful message to fans on social media he intriguingly includes the sentence, “Paths in life change and I am moving on to a much higher, positive, and brighter future in which you will hear about soon.”

Based on that other part of Kris Gethin’s announcement and decision to leave Kaged, we suspect he is planning to build out another brand or at least something in that realm, and as you can read, it sounds like we’ll be hearing about it shortly. Gethin was there throughout the growth of Kaged, back when it had only basic supplements, no Pre-Kaged or In-Kaged, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does if he gets back in the ring.

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