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Latest Nano protein creation layers wafer, milky cream, chocolate and hazelnuts

Nanos Supps Protein Brix

Nano Supps in Europe has become an incredibly innovative functional food company, pumping out creative new snacks and treats that you don’t see from anyone else. We just got another one of those last week in the crispy, crunchy, and peanut butter-filled Peanut Twist. The brand has unveiled another intriguing better-for-you snack this week, and while it is similar to something we’ve seen before, it’s still a great addition to the line.

Nano Supps has introduced Protein Brix, which reminds us a lot of a past product from Got7 Nutrition in the layered wafer treat Brasileiro. Protein Brix is a combination of crispy layers of wafer, and in between those is a sweet milky cream and smooth chocolate, as well as crunchy hazelnuts. It looks like a bite-sized dessert, although in typical fashion of Nano Supps, and as we’ve seen in its other creations, the nutrition profile is much better.

Protein Brix from Nano Supps proudly promotes 22% protein, which works out to 5.4g in the 24g wafer, with 6.1g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, and 130 calories. The product will be making its way out into the European market shortly, and again, it is a great addition to the brand’s consistently expanding selection of functional foods and will be its third wafer-style effort, alongside Protein Wafer and the delicious Protein Snap.

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