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Nutrabio is bringing back its massive 500g tub of high-quality micronized creatine

Nutrabio 500g Micronized Creatine

A while ago, the reputable Nutrabio had a large, cost-effective, half-kilogram size available of its unflavored, standalone creatine supplement named after that muscle strength and size ingredient in Creatine Monohydrate. At some point, the product was dropped, still leaving two solid and great value sizes of the supplement in a 30-serving 150g tub and a double-sized 300g bottle with 60 servings, both conveniently unflavored.

Nutrabio is bringing that massive 500g tub of Creatine Monohydrate back for 2023 to meet the increased popularity and demand for the long-running, reliable ingredient. The product features the brand’s high-quality creatine micronized to 200 mesh for easier mixing, and every batch is tested to be at least 99.98% pure. The larger option will be rolling out to shelves shortly over at and at Nutrabio’s many retailers.

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