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Sold out Oreo Grenade Protein Bar hits Amazon and eBay at ridiculously high prices

Oreo Grenade Protein Bar Out Of Stock

Grenade launched another masterpiece for the highly saturated protein bar market recently in an authentic collaboration with the legendary sandwich cookie Oreo. The brand teamed up with the iconic food for an Oreo flavor of its hugely popular Grenade Protein Bar. We were lucky enough to review the product, and as mentioned, it’s a true masterpiece, raising the standard once again for the protein bar category.

The Oreo Grenade Protein Bar has not been on the market long, for about a month and a half, but it has already sold out, with the brand’s own online store at being completely out of stock for some time. There doesn’t appear to be any word on exactly when it’ll be returning; however, it’s no surprise based on how incredibly delicious it is with a brownie-like base, Oreo filling-like cream, and a solid 20g of protein.

The demand has resulted in the authentic collaboration being sold on the likes of Amazon and eBay for some significantly heightened prices. The Oreo Grenade Protein Bar went live at for £24 (29.05 USD) for a box of 12. There are some somewhat reasonable listings on Amazon on eBay, but some ridiculous ones too, including sets of six bars at £81.65 on Amazon and £71.52 for a box of a dozen over on eBay.

We’re not sure how much we’d pay for Grenade’s collaborative masterpiece, but to be honest, the taste is worth more than any of the other flavors, although nothing like £70 or £80. If you’d like to wait and pay the regular price for a box of the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, you can sign up at to be notified when stock of the product returns, but as mentioned, there isn’t any estimate of when it’ll be available again.