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Perfect Sports releases its most Canadian flavor to date in line with its 20th anniversary

Perfect Sports Canadian Maple Diesel Protein Powder

Perfect Sports Nutrition has been hard at work this year, adding more flavors to its family of sports nutrition supplements as well as a completely new product just recently in the cost-effective, grass-fed whey-based protein powder Ultra Fuel. The long-running brand is actually celebrating being in business for an impressive two decades, so the major effort makes sense, and it continues this week with another flavor, although this one is limited.

Temporarily joining the Perfect Sports Nutrition lineup is what the brand describes as its most Canadian flavor to date, and it may indeed be right with a sweet and delicious Canadian Maple. The flavor has been put together for Perfect Sports’ premier protein powder Diesel, and it is available now in a tub of 30 servings. It has similarly lean macros as other Diesel flavors with 27g of protein, zero carbohydrates and fat, and a lean 110 calories.