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Raw and Bumstead keep the taste the same for their celebratory 4 Peat flavor of Thavage

Raw Nutrition Launches 4 Peat Flavor Of Thavage

Raw Nutrition recently revealed, as initially suspected, that it would be coming out with a special edition flavor of its Thavage pre-workout to celebrate Chris Bumstead’s incredible win at last year’s Mr. Olympia, bringing home his fourth consecutive Classic Olympia title. The brand did exactly this when Bumstead won his third crown, and it was because of that we thought we’d definitely be getting a 4 Peat flavor of Thavage.

Raw Nutrition and its part-owner and ambassador, Chris Bumstead, have gone ahead and officially launched the special edition 4 Peat flavor of the well-put-together Thavage pre-workout, which falls under Bumstead’s own CBUM Series. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for something completely different, you’re out of luck, as the product has the same taste, and while it says it has a new look, the branding appears similar.

If you’d like to purchase Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead’s Classic Olympia-celebrating 4 Peat flavor of Thavage, you can grab it starting today directly from the brand’s online store at $49.99. That’ll get you a tub of 20 maximum servings or 40 regular ones, and ongoing ambassador coupon codes do work, such as Bumstead’s own “CBUM” for 15% discount.

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