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Unflavored standalone creatine is up next for the fast growing Tonificare

Tonificare Pure Creatine

Fresh of the release of its advanced, performance and endurance-supporting hydration supplement Hydro Lyte — enhanced with elevATP, Senactiv, and more — Tonificare has announced something much simpler. The next product from the fast growing sports nutrition company is named Pure Creatine, and that is precisely what it is; a straightforward, standalone creatine monohydrate in unflavored powder format.

Each tub of Tonificare’s upcoming Pure Creatine weighs in at 300g, which breaks down into 60 servings of 5g of tried and true creatine monohydrate, to support muscle strength and size. The supplement is not due to launch until the second to last day of the month, bang on Thursday the 30th of March. Considering it features just the one main ingredient and it comes in a fairly moderate size, it won’t have an overly high price tag.

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