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Black Cherry Vanilla named as Gorilla Mind’s third of four flavors available at launch

Black Cherry Vanilla Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

In a couple of days, the highly-anticipated energy drink from Gorilla Mind, simply named Gorilla Mind Energy, is officially going to be available through the reputable brand’s website at For those that missed the reveal of its formula, as promised, it is one of, if not the most efficaciously dosed carbonated beverages out there, with 400mg of alpha GPC, 200mg of caffeine, saffron, NALT, and uridine.

Earlier this week, Gorilla Mind revealed the second of four flavors it plans on having available for purchase on launch day in a tropical Exotic Kiwi, with the first taste to be revealed being the intriguing Arctic White. To keep the hype and excitement rolling, the brand has shared the third debut flavor of the stacked Gorilla Mind Energy drink, and it’s a bit more familiar than Exotic Kiwi and Arctic White with Black Cherry Vanilla.

The fourth flavor of Gorilla Mind Energy is the last to be announced and will be squeezed in tomorrow, a day before the beverage goes live. We have to imagine it’ll be another uncommon option, as the brand has clearly stayed away from typical tastes like blue raspberry, something citrusy, or a fruit punch-style recipe. Once again, the Gorilla Mind Energy drink is finally hitting the brand’s online store in two days, on Monday.