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Macro Munch Protein Bar now has a crunchier and crispier spin-off to choose from

Bulk Macro Munch Protein Crispy

Macro Munch is a series of functional foods from Bulk in the UK that started as just the Macro Munch Protein Bar but has since grown into Macro Munch Peanut Butter Cups and even Macro Munch Protein Chocolate. There is a new member of the family starting this month by the name of Macro Munch Protein Crispy, which is a bar format product, like the first Macro Munch snack, but as per the name, it’s crispier.

Instead of the regular Macro Munch Protein Bar’s thick and dense main body, Bulk’s Macro Munch Protein Crispy is packed full of crispy soy protein pieces, ensuring you get as much crunchy as the name suggests. It has a coating of flavor around the base and squiggles across the top, and you still get a solid nutrition profile of 15g of protein, 11 to 12g of carbohydrates, just over 2g of sugar, under 5g of fat, and around 152 calories.

Bulk has debuted its crispier Macro Munch snack in two flavors, one of which is from the menu of the first Macro Munch Protein Bar in Salted Caramel, while the other is an intriguingly sweet Marshmallow. If you’re interested in the crunchier and crispier experience, you can pick up Macro Munch Protein Crispy from the brand’s website at for a bit cheaper than the original at £22.99 a box and £1.99 (2.48 USD) a bar.

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