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CMBT is releasing a completely new beverage alongside its downsized Aminolyte Energy

Cmbt Nutrition Aminolyte Hydrate

Australian supplement company, CMBT Nutrition from UFC superstar Alexander Volkanovski, recently announced a few changes to its original hydration-supporting energy drink, with Aminolyte Energy launching later this month. The brand’s tweaks to the product include dropping it from the classic 500ml, close to 16oz, down to a slim and sleek 12oz, and that comes with less caffeine than the first version at 114mg instead of 160.

It turns out, as big of a change is to switch up an energy drink like Aminolyte Energy, CMBT Nutrition has something else in store for fans down under, and it’s another, completely new beverage. Coming down the pipeline from the brand is Aminolyte Hydrate, and like Aminolyte Energy, it features critical electrolytes for hydration and aminos, a variety of vitamins, a low five calories, but no caffeine to elevate and enhance energy.

While CMBT Nutrition is swapping to that smaller 12oz can for its original and energy-increasing Aminolyte Energy, the all-new and more hydration-focused Aminolyte Hydrate beverage appears as though it’ll be in that more common carbonated functional drink size of 500ml. The brand definitely has a lot up its sleeve, and with a few days before everything rolls out in Australia, there is still time for more excitement to be dropped.