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Softer and puffier Built Puffs gets a Cookies ‘N Cream flavor but only while stocks last

Cookies N Cream Built Puffs

The functional food company Built Brands’ original hit snack is the sweet, smooth, and protein-packed Built Bar, and it has added many flavors to that over the years, but more recently, it’s been sharing the spotlight. The brand eventually introduced the softer, smaller, and less protein-packed Built Puffs, which has been getting just as much flavor attention as Built Bar, and that’s what this post is about here; another flavor of Built Puffs.

The frequently releasing Built Brands has brought another flavor of its enjoyable protein snack Built Puffs to market, and like most other occasions, this is said to only be available while supplies last, so it is a limited-time launch. The brand has crafted a classic Cookies ‘N Cream flavor of Built Puffs featuring the snack’s usually lean macros with 17g of protein, 14g of carbohydrates, 2.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 140.

The Cookies ‘N Cream Built Puffs is in stock and available straight from Built Brands’ online store at at $29.95 for a box of a dozen bars, and again, it is only while stocks last, so get in soon if you don’t want to miss out.