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Intense Pandamic pre-workout receives a few tweaks for its loaded Dragon’s Blood flavor

Dragons Blood Pandamic

Panda Supplements is no stranger to special edition products; we’ve seen it release things like that many times before; in fact, it did one just recently in a packed-out pre-workout collaboration with Black Market. Today the reputable brand has done it again, with a limited-time flavor of its more intense and extreme pre-workout Pandamic, although it is more than a flavor as Panda has made a few premium changes to the formula.

The name of Panda Supplements’ limited edition flavor of the Pandamic pre-workout is Dragon’s Blood, as you can tell by the alternative label design it uses, and it is a combination of blackberry, lemon, and limeade. As mentioned, the brand has put a different formula in its Dragon’s Blood Pandamic, which has some ingredients and dosages in common with the regular version; however, quite a bit of it is different and indeed impressive.

Dragons Blood Pandamic Label

Some of the key tweaks Panda Supplements has made from the original Pandamic to the special edition Dragon’s Blood Pandamic is more citrulline malate at 10g, and added 50mg of premium Senactiv to improve performance. There are more changes on the sensory side, with double the tyrosine and added vincamine to elevate mental focus, a variety of sources of caffeine instead of only caffeine anhydrous, and lastly, a full 50mg of proven Astragin to improve absorption and overall efficacy.

There are a few ingredients in the regular Pandamic pre-workout that aren’t in Dragon’s Blood; either way, it’s a lot of tweaks and changes that should provide better pumps and performance in the gym, and a similarly strong but differently balanced blend of energy and focus. Panda Supplements has the product available for pre-order through its website for the same as the original at $54.99 but with slightly fewer servings at 21.