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Standalone n-acetyl-cysteine gives Flow its first new supplement in two years

Flow Supplements Nac

Flow Supplements from actor Zachery Levi hasn’t been in the headlines here at Stack3d for quite some time, with its last sighting going all the way back to late in 2020 with the release of Pure Plant Protein. The brand has still been moving and growing since then, and this week, we finally have it back in the news regarding a completely new product that is simple and straightforward, and based around one ingredient.

Zachery Levi and Flow Supplements have launched NAC, named after its key component, NAC or n-acetyl-cysteine, known for its immunity, detoxification, and respiratory health benefits. The brand hasn’t fallen short on the dosage of n-acetyl-cysteine in the ingredient-named NAC, putting a sizeable 700mg in each of its capsules, and you get 90 capsules a bottle, with Flow recommending two to four capsules a day.

Flow Supplements is already stocking and selling NAC through its online store at at a reasonable price of $29.95, and again, that’s for a bottle of 30 servings, and you’ll get free shipping when shopping direct if you can bump your order up to $100.

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