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G Fuel brings its Naruto flavor Soda Ice Candy to its supplement but calls it Rasengan

G Fuel And Naruto Rasengan

G Fuel has already partnered with the hit anime Naruto Shippuden on three occasions, creating the flavors Sage Mode and Miso Ramen for its signature gaming supplement, and Soda Ice Candy for its energy drink. The always-busy brand is back this week, announcing its fourth or technically third flavor collaboration with Naruto Shippuden, and like Sage Mode and Miso Ramen, it is specifically for the self-titled G Fuel supplement.

The title of the flavor G Fuel and Naruto Shippuden have put together this time around is Rasengan — named after the powerful technique from the anime — and while that isn’t the same name as any of those other collaborations, it is the same taste. Rasengan is, in fact, a soda ice candy recipe, the same as the Soda Ice Candy-titled flavor of G Fuel’s energy drink, so it is new to the supplement but not entirely to fans of the brand.

G Fuel and Naruto Shippuden’s special edition Rasengan, which has been confirmed as a soda ice candy flavor, will be going live for pre-order at in a couple of weeks on the first day of May and shipping to take place in June. You’ll be able to grab the product in a Collector’s Box at $59.99, which comes with a tub of Rasengan and an awesome steel shaker bottle that has an eye-catching, all-over Naruto Shippuden print.

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