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Eight-month-old Project #1 Nutrition is coming to GNCs in the US and around the world

Gnc Bringing In Project 1 Nutrition

Project #1 Nutrition has only been around for about eight months, launching close to the middle of last year, and it made plenty of noise right out of the gate. The sports nutrition brand is from the co-founder and ex-lead formulator of Axe and Sledge Supplements, Patrick Williams, and while it started with four products in AMP-NOX, the fat burner Embrax, Quantum-X, and standalone creatine, it has since expanded to nine.

We recently shared a teaser from Project #1 Nutrition hinting that it had another group of supplements it was planning to drop, or at least the shadowed graphic led us to believe. The fast-growing brand has unveiled exactly what that teaser was all about, and it is more significant than we expected. Project #1 has announced it is launching its selection of products in the major retailer GNC, and it’s not limited to the US.

Project #1 Nutrition is bringing its entire family of sports nutrition supplements to all of GNC’s locations throughout America, franchise and corporate, and GNCs around the world, which will begin next month across three countries. It is an incredibly impressive opportunity for the brand, mostly due to Project #1 being, as mentioned, just eight months old, and it’ll undoubtedly elevate its awareness and reach immensely.