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Tesco adds the hugely successful Oreo Grenade Protein Bar to its shelves in a four pack

Grenade Four Pack Oreo At Tesco

It has been challenging for Grenade to keep up with the intense demand for its delicious and authentic Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, as we’ve seen it sell out many times, especially on its own website. To be fair, the product is being stocked all over the place in many different retailers, including the giant UK supermarket Tesco. If you head down to your local Tesco, you’ll actually see a size of the tasty creation you won’t see anywhere else.

Over at, you can purchase the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar in boxes, and at some stores, you can snatch up boxes and individual bars. Tesco has something that falls right in between both of those in a smaller bulk bundle with a box of four bars, and again, it’s not something we’ve seen anywhere else. The seemingly exclusive size costs £9.50 (11.82 USD), which is a little more than 10% cheaper than its individual price of £2.70.