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Grenade restocks its Oreo protein bar receives 84,000 orders in just 15 minutes

Grenade Restocks Oreo Protein Bar And Get 84k Orders

Grenade’s authentic flavor collaboration with Oreo has been an absolute hit, which became extremely obvious when the brand’s website sold out, and the product became incredibly difficult to find in stores. We also got to try the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar firsthand and found out why everyone enjoys it so much, as it has an incredibly great texture, realistic chocolate sweetness, and it absolutely nails the taste of Oreo filling.

The unforgettable collaboration between Grenade and Oreo made a bit of a return last week in the form of a revamped variety box, where you got a pack of 12 different flavors, one of those being the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar. To start this week, the product has finally returned and restocked at with boxes of a dozen delicious protein bars at £25 (30.62 USD), far better than what we’d been seeing on Amazon and eBay.

The authentic Oreo Grenade Protein Bar made its long-awaited return earlier this morning, and while it is still available from, a report has come in that further shows how remarkably successful the product is. Apparently, in 15 minutes following the restock of the must-try protein snack, Grenade received a ridiculous 84,000 orders, and even more importantly, the brand does not sell the Oreo flavor individually.

If every one of those orders had an average of one box of the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, that is over one million sold in 15 minutes, and while that is speculation, no matter which way you look at it, that statement is incredibly impressive. Feel free to head to and get your order in for Grenade’s first authentic flavor collaboration before it sells out, and that could be soon based on that 84,000 orders in 15 minutes.