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Life Pro squeezes up to 11g of protein into its new chip snack with as low as 90 calories

Life Pro Nutrition Protein Chips

The oat-based, high-carbohydrate Flapjack isn’t the only functional food the European brand Life Pro Nutrition has put out this month; it also has a different format of snack by way of Protein Chips and like Flapjack; the name explains a lot of what it’s about. The product is a bag of crispy and crunchy chips that are much lower in carbohydrates and sugar than your traditional potato chip and significantly higher in muscle-building protein.

Every light 25g bag of Life Pro Nutrition’s newly released Protein Chips provides between 10 to 11.2g of protein, has carbohydrates under 5g with 1.4g or less of that being sugar, 2.5 to 3.3g of fat, and calories ranging from 90 to 100. The nutrition profile of the functional food does clearly vary, and that is from flavor to flavor, of which there are three to choose from, and they’re all familiar chip tastes in Barbecue, Paprika, and Cheese & Onion.

Like the equally new Flapjack, you can grab the protein-packed bags of Protein Chips directly from Life Pro Nutrition’s online store, where you’ll pay just €1.75 (1.93 USD) with distributors and retailers likely to be carrying the product sometime in the near future as well.