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Mountain Joe’s creates the world’s first chocolate-covered high-protein rice cakes

Mountain Joes Protein Rice Cakes

Mountain Joe’s has taken the covers off its completely new functional food innovation, and as far as we know, it was not wrong when it said it is something that’s never been done before in this space. The brand that relaunched last year with its flagship, self-titled, and inclusion-covered Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar has introduced Protein Rice Cakes, a unique snack with two deliciously-covered rice cakes in each packet.

Mountain Joe’s Protein Rice Cakes are indeed classic, circular rice cakes with a layer of decadent milk chocolate or sweet white chocolate around the outside, and providing a moderate 10g of protein, which divides into 5g per rice cake. Despite the undoubtedly tasty coating of chocolate, the brand does a great job at keeping the snack’s sugar low at just a single gram in the Milk Chocolate flavor and 2.6g in White Chocolate.

As mentioned yesterday with the teaser of what we now know to be Protein Rice Cakes, Mountain Joe’s plans on releasing its second-ever functional food since its big return within the next few weeks. The brand is UK-based, so that is where the high-protein rice cakes will be available first. Mountain Joe’s does have plenty of retail partners that’ll be carrying the product, but you’ll also be able to get it through its online store.