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Myoband welcomes its more value-driven and whey concentrate-based 7X Whey

Myoband 7x Whey

When it comes to protein, Myoband in the UK is not short on options, with several traditional powder supplements to choose from, as well as more functional and on-the-go items. On the side of protein powders, the brand has Protein Hot Chocolate, the fruit-flavored Protein Juice, the free-form amino-powered Oblivion, the blend-style product 8X Whey, the higher calorie gainer Hulk, and this week Myoband has added 7X Whey.

While 7X Whey sounds incredibly similar to 8X Whey, there is a notable difference between Myoband’s longer-running supplement versus its latest entry into the world of protein. 8X Whey has close to 25g of protein in a serving from a blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate. 7X Whey, on the other hand, is not as lean, providing 19g of protein from just whey concentrate, alongside 1.7g of carbohydrates, 1.75g of fat, and 98 calories.

7X Whey is now essentially Myoband’s most basic and cost-effective protein powder, as is the case with many other brands that have a whey concentrate-based product in their lineups. Currently, the latest supplement from the brand is discounted on its website, sitting at £19.99 (25.14 USD) instead of its usual £24.99, for a moderately sized 1kg or 2.2lb bag, in three flavors, Cookie and Cream, Banana, and Chocolate Biscuit.