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Pandy partners with Klara Elvgren for a second special edition flavor of low-calorie candy

Pandy Strawberry Liquorice By Klara

Pandy has always been fairly frequent and consistent with new products and flavor extensions for its delicious selection of functional foods, including more options for its signature low-sugar candy. Last year, the creative company did something different, at least for itself, and released a collaboration where it partnered with Swedish YouTuber Klara Elvgren for a special edition flavor of its popular candy in Cherry By Klara.

Almost a year later, Pandy and Klara Elvgren are teaming up once again for another flavor for Pandy candy in Strawberry Liquorice By Klara, which is obviously, a combination of sweet strawberry and the unique taste of licorice. Pandy and Elvgren are planning to launch their second flavor collaboration, Strawberry Liquorice By Klara, on Tuesday of next week with less than a gram of sugar per bag and a guilt-free 75 calories.

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