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Endless from Protein Works wants to upgrade and supercharge your coffee

Protein Works Endless

Protein Works in the UK continues to find and create gaps and holes in its already extensive selection of supplements and functional items for more innovations and creative products, and this week the result is Endless. The brand is looking to shake up your morning coffee with its latest effort, where in the words of Protein Works itself, it has “taken the classic coffee and transformed it into supercharged fuel for the brain.”

Endless from Protein Works is a functional take on coffee, blending together coffee powder and skimmed milk powder with a variety of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness, MCTs for energy and fuel, 200mg of theanine, and a light 100mg of multi-benefit ashwagandha. The brand has kept the caffeine in the supplement relatively close to a typical cup of coffee at 100mg from coffee and green coffee bean.

To keep Endless familiar to coffee drinkers, Protein Works has released it in a classic coffee flavor with Caramel Latte, which can be served with milk or water, or combined with ice for a classic iced caramel latte experience. The brand has launched the product with a strong introductory sale where you can save a solid 40%, dropping Endless from its usual £34.99 down to £20.99 (26.26 USD) for a tub of 23 servings.