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No Whey takes over the breakfast menu in its crunchy cereal spin-off

Rocka Nutrition No Whey Loops

German brand Rocka Nutrition is releasing a fun and creative new way for you to get more protein into your diet, with a refreshing format that was not a part of its lineup previously. Rocka has quite an extensive selection of products available, some in your more traditional styles and categories like bulk tubs of protein powder and on-the-go protein-packed bars, with its latest effort saying a lot in its name with No Whey Loops.

Rocka Nutrition’s No Whey Loops is a high-protein breakfast cereal, with the pieces themselves being the classic hoop shape, or on this occasion, and as per the title of the product, loops. As with every supplement from the brand, No Whey Loops is plant-based, something the name of the functional food reinforces, and that’s a name fans will be familiar with, as “No Whey” is Rocka’s original, long-running plant protein powder.

We don’t know all of the macros in Rocka Nutrition’s No Whey Loops, but we can confirm it’ll have 18g of protein a serving, under a gram of sugar, a good amount of fiber, and it is launching in one Cookies & Cream flavor. The brand is squeezing plenty of servings into its crispy, crunchy, and undoubtedly tasty protein cereal, and it is making its way out to market at the end of the week, at precisely 10AM Local Time on Sunday.