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Sweet strawberry and refreshing mint collide in Battery’s limited time Sizzle flavor

Sizzle Battery Energy Drink

Finnish beverage brand Battery found all throughout the country in many major stores and stockists, is no stranger to releasing creative, intriguing, and special edition flavors of its signature energy drink. About a year ago, the company debuted its colorful flavor extension Blush, featuring an eye-catching and practically unmissable can design covered in splashes of purple, magenta, and pink alongside a raspberry and rosé taste.

Battery is following up its Battery Plus series of beverages launched earlier this year with something more its style in a limited edition flavor of its flagship energizing drink called Sizzle. The taste behind the product is something very different and interesting, with a sweet blend of strawberry and mint, and it comes in a larger 500ml can as opposed to its usual 330ml size, and with that comes a more uplifting amount of caffeine at a moderate 160mg.

You do tend to get some unique flavors and flavor combinations when you go international with energy drinks, and Battery’s limited-time Sizzle being another great example of that with its mix of strawberry and mint. The latest from the Finnish giant is also one for calorie-conscious consumers, as it has half a gram of sugar per can with just five calories, whereas the original Battery beverage has 36g of sugar and 165 calories.

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