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Days out from Easter Myprotein releases its Chocolate Eggs flavor in a bulk tub

Tubs Of Chocolate Eggs The Whey Protein Powder

Myprotein has already done a fair amount for Easter — taking place this weekend — starting with a limited-time Easter Egg flavor of the Layered Protein Bar, the multi-product Easter Box, and the Myvitamins bundle Beauty Easter Egg. The international giant has added another Easter-themed item to its lineup; although it’s not entirely new, it’s a better, more cost-effective way to get your hands on one of those others.

Previously, Myprotein’s special edition Chocolate Eggs flavor of the premium MyPro Series protein powder The Whey was exclusive to a bundle that got you only one single serving sachet. Thankfully, and just in time for Easter itself, the brand has made the product available individually. Over at, the Chocolate Eggs The Whey can be purchased at £46.99 for a 2.2lb tub of 30 servings or solo sachets at £2.99.

Keep in mind Myprotein’s Eastery Chocolate Eggs The Whey is a limited edition launch, so it’s not around for good. Basically, if you have tried it and like it, or simply like the idea of a touch of Easter in your shaker bottle, get the product while you can, as it won’t likely be back for some time.