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Myprotein doesn’t stop at its Easter Egg Layered Bar in celebration of Easter

Myprotein Chocolate Eggs The Whey Protein Powder

Easter is edging closer and closer, and while we are still several weeks away, we’ve already seen sports nutrition and functional food companies put something together specifically for the occasion. One of those brands is the international giant Myprotein, which at the start of this month brought back its previously released, limited-time, Easter-themed flavor of the Layered Protein Bar, appropriately named Easter Egg.

It turns out that while a special edition, Eastery protein bar, is plenty of hype and excitement, that’s not all Myprotein has planned for the annual event. The brand has also created an Easter-themed flavor for its premium The Whey protein powder, enhanced with Ganeden BC30 probiotics and MyZyme enzymes. Myprotein’s Easter flavor is Chocolate Eggs, a presumably alternative taste to the many other chocolate flavors The Whey already has on its menu.

Myprotein has confirmed that its limited Easter edition Chocolate Eggs flavor of The Whey protein powder will be hitting its online store sometime next week, roughly five weeks out from Easter itself. There is an interesting catch with the product, too, as while you can buy the Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar separately, that’s not the case with Chocolate Eggs, which is going to be exclusive to the Myprotein Easter Box.

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