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Update brings innovative Enfinity paraxanthine to the energy drink space

Update Energy Drink

Update is a beverage brand that’s approached energy drinks slightly differently than the usual caffeine, taurine, and so on, and it’s something it highlights in its name and marketing, saying, “It’s time for an update.” The Update energy drink is not powered by caffeine anhydrous but one of its three metabolites for a much smoother yet equally energizing experience.

The active ingredients Update has packed into its slim and sleek 12oz beverage include n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, alpha-GPC, theanine, taurine, 5-HTP, and vitamin B12. Then to drive home the energy and give it that classic energy drink feel, there is innovative Enfinity paraxanthine at 300mg a can. Enfinity is the stimulant MuscleTech introduced to the world of supplements last year in the fat burner Burn iQ and pre-workout EuphoriQ.

Update Energy Drink 1

As far as we know, Update is the first to use Enfinity paraxanthine in an energy drink, and after experiencing it in the MuscleTech products, it is a great way to stand out from the immense competition. As the brand says, paraxanthine provides many of the benefits of caffeine, such as energy, focus, and cognition, without some of the occasional unwanted effects.

The Update energy drink is available in four flavors with Peach, Lime, Mandarin, and Berry, all naturally sweetened with stevia, using the sugar alternative allulose, no sucralose, and resulting in a low 20 calories. There are two places you can get the beverage, including Amazon, where packs of 12 are $39.99, or you can head to, where a half-sized pack of six is $22.99 and a variety pack of two of each flavor is $29.99.