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Rebranded Goldhorse brings an edgier look to Brazilian brand Vitamin Horse

Vitamin Horse Rebrands Goldhorse

Brazilian sports nutrition brand Vitamin Horse is switching things up in 2023 and is rebranding one of its more popular, mainstream category supplements in the whey-based protein powder Goldhorse. The current design communicates the brand and its look quite immediately, with a giant flexing horse plastered right in the middle, colored gold, and on a black background, although that is not the case in the rebrand.

Vitamin Horse has gone for a less logo-impacting approach in the makeover of its Goldhorse protein powder, and you can see firsthand what that looks like in the image above. The Brazilian supplement company has trimmed down the size of the horse and kept him in an eye-catching gold but drastically revamped the background, switching from straight black to a graphic of cracked cement and a red pattern in the back.

Goldhorse has undergone quite a makeover, and while the protein powder is the only supplement Vitamin Horse has shared in that branding, we suspect it will eventually be spread out across the rest of the lineup. From what we understand, the inside is much the same, with a good amount of protein from whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate, moderately high carbohydrates, typical fat, and around 160 calories.