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Newest protein from All Nutrition offers a fruity twist with four refreshing tastes to choose from

All Nutrition Iso Clear

All Nutrition in Poland is undoubtedly classified as a fast-moving brand, revealing and releasing products one after another, with our last update coming a few weeks ago in the dual-snacking experience, Raw Wow. The mostly functional company is back again this week, introducing some more for the sports nutrition side of its catalog in ISO+ Clear, an entry into the consistently rolling clear and refreshing protein powder trend.

ISO+ Clear is another protein powder from All Nutrition that takes premium and lean whey isolate, and pairs it with fruity and refreshing flavors as opposed to the usual milkshake tastes, like Chocolate and Vanilla. High-quality whey isolate is the one and only source in the supplement, providing 21g of protein in a 25g serving, with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, and resulting in an impressively lean calorie count of 87.

As mentioned, the twist with ISO+ Clear compared to All Nutrition’s other protein powders is that it exclusively comes in fruity flavors, and that is certainly the case with four to choose from. The tastes are Raspberry, Mango Coconut, Iced Lemon Tea, and Pineapple Mango, all in stock and available for purchase from the brand’s retail partners, with the likes of SFD selling tubs of 20 servings at 84.99zł (19.96 USD).