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Big Boy puts two of its delicious spreads into convenient although not overly large tubes

Big Boy Nut Butter Squeeze Tubes

Peanut butter, or more generally nut butter, is a traditional source of clean nutrition that has seen some innovation over the years, with health-conscious companies adding extra ingredients for alternative uses and experiences. Regardless of the twist, the format and packaging that nut butter comes in is almost always glass or plastic jars and containers, although there have been some creative approaches there, specifically in the functional market of Europe.

There are some brands in Europe that make bulk squeeze bottles or bags of nut butter, which is a lot more convenient when it comes to serving, especially if you’re throwing it in a smoothie or shake. Big Boy from the Czech Republic has applied that alternative squeeze packaging to its family of nut butters, although it’s not a bulk option. The brand has put its regular and protein-infused nut butter into toothpaste-like tubes containing a total of about 75g each.

The bulk packs we were talking about earlier are much more convenient for frequent serving, while Big Boy’s latest falls in between that and a single-serving on-the-go nut butter pack. The size of 75g makes it more than a casual snack but not big enough to replace a traditional jar. You can purchase the brand’s new packaging option from its website at 79 CZK for the naturally-flavored hazelnut-based butter and 69 CZK for the protein-heightened dark chocolate cream.

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