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Snack specialist Bombbar puts together a low dose pre-workout that’s less than $20

Bombbar Pro Pre Workout

Bombbar has won our annual Functional Brand Of The Year three years in a row, so it obviously has quite the reputation and proof in the world of delicious protein treats and better-for-you snacks. It has innovated and created many different edible and drinkable products, and it’s not limited to the traditional bars and RTDs; it has rolled out pots of protein ice cream, a KitKat-like wafer, and an extremely real food snack with jars of meat.

From time to time, Bombbar has dipped its toes into the realm of sports nutrition with traditional supplements like protein powder, amino cocktails, and standalone items. It is now taking a stab at the highly competitive and saturated pre-workout category with a Pro Series product simply named Pre-Workout. Keep in mind the brand is known for its functional foods and beverages, not sports nutrition, and that is clear in Pre-Workout.

Bombbar’s Pro Series Pre-Workout brings together common pre-workout ingredients, but where the disappointing part comes in is the dosages. In each of the 30 servings per tub of the supplement, you get half a gram of tyrosine, typically at 1 to 2g, another low feature with 1.5g of creatine monohydrate, and half a gram citrulline, more commonly seen 12 times that at 6g. Taurine is in there, too, at a more reasonable 1g, with beta-alanine included at a respectable 2.5g, and lastly, 150mg of caffeine.

Bombbar Pro Pre Workout Label

As mentioned, Bombbar has brought together a selection of common ingredients for its entry into the pre-workout space, but the dosages are far from what we’d consider an average competitor, the 500mg of citrulline even more so. The balance also makes it difficult to take more servings for effective dosages, as tripling would get you 7.5g of beta-alanine, 4.5g of creatine, and 450mg of caffeine, but still only 1.5g of citrulline.

It is good to see Bombbar expand into the category with its Pro Series Pre-Workout, and while the formula isn’t an overly strong combination, the price of the product reflects the mantra of “you get what you pay for”. Directly through Bombbar’s online store, Pre-Workout will cost you 1290₽, which is under $20 USD; in fact, closer to $15 at $16.27, and that is for a tub of 30 servings, in your choice of two fruity flavors in Tropical and Wild Berry.