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Traditional Key Lime Pie gets turn into a flavor of BroScienceLife’s jacked protein gummy bears

Broscience Key Lime Pie Gym Candy

We recently posted about the protein-packed, jacked gummy bears, Gym Candy, from YouTuber Dom Mazzetti of BroScienceLife. We actually got our hands on the product and will be sharing a full hands-on review shortly of just how the candy tastes and how close to actual gummy bears the brand has got. In this post here, however, we’re talking about a completely new flavor of the still relatively young functional food.

Previously there were three tastes for Dom Mazzetti and BroScienceLife’s Gym Candy, and they’re all classic options in Watermelon, Tropical, and Lemonade. Bumping up the menu to four as we close out the month of May is Key Lime Pie, inspired by the citrusy lime dessert of the same name. The product aims to deliver that key lime pie experience in the form of gummy bears packing 18g of protein and 4g of net carbohydrates.

Like Watermelon, Tropical, and Lemonade, Dom Mazzetti and BroScienceLife’s Gym Candy is available to order through the brand’s website, although they’re not shipping immediately. There is a bit of a wait for those that want to experience the high-protein gummy bears in the Key Lime Pie flavor, but not too long, with purchases of the newest taste shipping out in about one week on Monday the 29th of this month.