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We’ve put together a special edition trophy for the 5th Clash Of The Cans powered by Dynamine

Clash Of The Cans 2023 Trophy

The countdown for the Clash Of The Cans powered by Dynamine is on, with the first round taking place in two weeks on Monday, the 15th of this month. For those in need of a quick refresher, Clash Of The Cans is our energy drink showdown, where we journey to find the most popular product in the space. Every energy drink is voted on in the first round, then the top 16 are broken into groups, and two weeks later, we have the grand final.

Our annual Clash Of The Cans contest is always a fun, exciting, and thrilling event, with surprises, upsets, and, of course, at the end of it all, we can only have the one champion. C4 Energy took home the first ever title, then Reign Total Body Fuel, and RAZE Energy these past two years. Each time the winner was shipped a custom Clash Of The Cans trophy, sized exactly the same as an energy drink in the traditional 16oz can.

Typically we give the Clash Of The Cans trophy a gold and bronze oxidized finish and put it on a black base. For 2023, to mark the fifth time we’ve run the competition and the first time we’ve had a title sponsor in the energizing and focus-fueling Dynamine, we’re mixing it up. The roughly 5lb trophy will still be cast in bronze in our classic mold, but it’ll have a silver finish, and the base will be a complementing white instead of black.

We wanted to mix things up for the 2023 Clash Of The Cans powered by Dynamine, and what better way than to rework the one-of-a-kind prize at the end of all the voting? We don’t have a first-hand look at this year’s trophy as it is currently being produced, although when it hits the hands of this year’s champion, we’ll make sure we share it. There is also still time to get in on the opening round entry list, which you can see in this post here.

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