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Flow Supplements adds a touch of focus to its electrolyte-powered hydration competitor

Flow Supps Hydrate

Flow Supplements is one of the latest sports nutrition companies to get in on the fast-growing and increasingly competitive hydration category by way of a traditional bulk supplement simply named Flow Hydrate. The brand from Shazam star Zachary Levi does come with electrolytes, like almost every competitor in the space, although it adds a bit of a twist to support more than hydration with some mental focus also in the mix.

Powering the hydration benefits of Flow Hydrate, Flow Supplements has premium CocOgranic Plus coconut water at half a gram a serving, Calci-K, a few other electrolytes, and a gram of taurine. Alongside all of that is half a gram of vitamin C and then an intriguing twist with a gram of tyrosine. Altogether the ingredients aim to improve and enhance hydration, performance, and thanks to the tyrosine, support for focus and cognition.

Flow Supplements has priced its most recent release in the same sort of range as its other sports nutrition products; in fact, it’s exactly the same as the superfood formula Greens, Collagen Plus, and the week-old Shroomies at $44.99 a tub. It is worth noting Flow Hydrate has a little more than the usual amount of servings at 33 instead of 30, and it is flavored with only one taste to choose from at the moment in Watermelon.