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PharmaFreak’s alpha male pre-workout is already getting a spin-off or sequel

Pharmafreak Previews Achilles Freak 300

Achilles Freak is what PharmaFreak describes as an alpha male pre-workout, bringing together common ingredients for a pre-workout and components more traditionally found in testosterone boosters. The product hit the market about half a year ago, featuring highlights such as 100mg of the S7 pump blend in a two-scoop serving, 1.5g of tyrosine, 325mg of caffeine, and 675mg of premium KSM-66 for the testosterone portion of the hybrid supplement.

While Achilles Freak is not all that old, as mentioned, it’s been on the market for about half a year; PharmaFreak has posted up a teaser of what appears to be a spin-off product that’s coming soon by the name of Achilles Freak 300. In typical teaser style, the legacy sports nutrition brand has not shared any specific details about the supplement, only the image above that confirms the title, and additionally, PharmaFreak has said the “300” does relate to something.

With so little to go off, all we’re going to guess is PharmaFreak’s Achilles Freak 300 will be some sort of improvement or even a refinement of the original where you get that same blend of pre-workout benefits and testosterone-boosting support, but from a slightly different set of ingredients. We’ll hopefully have more information on the product shortly, as Achilles Freak 300 is dropping this summer, which should see it on shelves within the next few months.