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ProPud introduces a second protein shake made with real coffee and in two frappé flavors

Propud Coffee Shake

NJIE’s convenient snack brand ProPud has a new entry this week, and it is a completely new product, not a flavor extension of one of the many items it already has available. The notable products the delicious functional food company is known for are the ProPud Protein Bar in seven different flavors, the genuinely milkshake-like ProPud Milkshake, and we can’t forget the original, sweet, and smooth ProPud Pudding.

The latest from NJIE’s ProPud is the ProPud Coffee Shake, which is similar to the ProPud Milkshake in that it’s a tasty beverage that’s packed full of protein and flavor. The difference with Coffee Shake is that it only comes in coffee-themed flavors, and it’s made with real coffee. There are two flavors, again, both based on familiar coffee drinks in Frappe Latte and Frappe Chocolate Mocha, each providing 20g of protein a bottle.

The rest of the nutrition profile in the ProPud Coffee Shake from NJIE is 5g of fat, a reasonable 10g of carbohydrates with most of that sugar at 9g, and 166 calories. Being that the product is made with real coffee, there is a fair amount of caffeine in every drink at a moderate 100mg. The all-new Coffee Shakes look and sound delicious, and are out now in NJIE’s home country of Sweden in all of the usual ProPud stockists.

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